5 Perfect Beer Pairings For Your Summer BBQ Favorites

beer with food

Like the 4th of July and Bruce Springsteen, some things just go together. The same idea should apply to your beer and BBQ! Check out these five awesomely delicious pairs to keep your taste buds happy this barbecue season:

Burgers and Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

Keep it simple with this classic and flavorful go-to beer. Sporting a deep amber color, a cold bottle of Sam Adams Boston Lager smoothly washes down any tasty burger fresh off the grill.

Fish and Leinenkugel’s Grapefruit Shandy.

Crisp, refreshing and a perfect match for lighter seafood like tilapia or shrimp. This citrus packed brew is bursting with the taste of lusciously ripe grapefruit and is sure to keep you cool on a hot, summer day.

Steak and Founders Dirty Bastard.

To keep up with a bold, flavorful steak, it’s best to pair it with a bold, flavorful beer. Beautifully dark in ruby color, this popular Scotch ale has the perfect amount of malty richness to complement but not overpower.

Chicken and Victory Summer Love Ale.

Every summer, a wave of seasonal brews hit the shelves – and we’re glad this one’s back! A golden ale with a subtle hoppy flavor and refreshing lemon finish perfectly pairs with chicken and other lighter dishes.

Pulled Pork and Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale.

This Georgia-brewed beer is plenty hoppy with a nice caramel sweetness and pairs flawlessly with a smokey pulled pork sandwich. It’s strong enough to cut through the spices of the seasoning, but dances well alongside the tangy flavors of barbeque sauce.

If these delicious summer flavors have your taste buds watering, stop by your nearest Tap House Grill Addictive Foods/Creative Brews and let us do the cooking for you. We’ll be sure to find you the perfect pairing to all of your favorite summer BBQ flavors.

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