Cheese Curds & Pollyanna’s Lite Thinking

If you are from the Midwest then you know how seriously we take cheese curds. Cheesy, salty, and fried it’s basically a perfect food in our books. At Tap House Grill, we take great pride in our fresh, squeaky Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds and they wash down perfectly with¬†Pollyanna’s Lite Thinking.

We started this blog because we believe that every meal goes best with a brew by its side and this appetizer is a staff favorite. Our cheese curds come from Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery, are made from scratch with our seasoned breading, and are served with marinara. You may be thinking “what could be better than that?” Well, the answer is our curds and a lager.

Cheese curds mild salty flavor pairs best with a light and easy to drink beer. That’s why we believe that a lager is best. Lagers are typically light, crisp, and refreshing. They are light in color and easy to drink. Since they aren’t too heavy and don’t have a particularly strong flavor they won’t overpower the cheesy flavor. Additionally, the saltiness of the cheese helps naturally enhance the flavor of the beer… you’ve got to try it!

Lite Thinking is a 2019 GABF Gold Medal Winner for American-Style Lager or American-Style Pilsener. This lager is brewed up by Pollyanna, a great local brewery that consistently brews delicious and creative beers. Whatever lager you like – we’ve got local beers on Tap Year-round!

June 4th, join us for National Cheese Day at Tap House Grill. We will be serving up bottomless cheese curds for $9.99 all day long. With dozens of lagers on draft, you are sure to find your favorite beer pairing with cheese curds.

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