Top 10 Burger Toppings

Eating a hamburger without any kind of garnish is downright crazy, particularly at a place like top burger restaurant Tap House Grill. We offer a wide selection of toppings to garnish their Kobe beef burgers, stuffed burgers, boozy-glazed burgers and more.

According to crowdsource ranking site, visitors chose the following as their top 10 burger toppings. Check them out and see if you’d rather sink your teeth into something else.

10. Grilled onions: Bad breath notwithstanding, grilled onions are certainly a popular item in the Chicagoland area, even appearing on THG’s Kobe Beef Burger.

9. Mustard: An old standby, with its vinegar bite and spicy finish.

8. Mayonnaise: Maybe it’s more than a Midwest thing to like a smear of mayo on our buns.

7. Dill pickles: A little sour and salt add to the flavor of the beef, making for a dynamic duo.

6. Tomato: A thick, juicy slice of tomato adds a pop of freshness, especially to THG’s quarter-pound black bean burger.

5. Ketchup: Catsup, ketchup—however you spell it, the sweet and salty sauce has been a staple of burgers since the beginning.

4. Onion: Fresh beats grilled on the list. Raw onions kick up the flavor, while simultaneously kicking down the “likely to be kissed” factor.

3. Lettuce: For diners looking for a splash of health on their burger, this leafy topping adds a pleasant crunch.

2. Cheddar cheese: Another longtime standby, ranking over American and Swiss cheeses. Try this tangy, creamy cheese on top burger restaurant THG’s Tipsy Stout Burger.

1. Bacon. No surprise here, right? Bacon Mania is sweeping the nation, making the best meat topping another meat. Atop a burger, this rich, salty strip pushes even a boring burger into decadent territory. The Farm Burger at THG perfects the meaty mix, featuring applewood-smoked bacon slices and a bacon bun spread.

Now that you’re drooling for a gourmet burger, find all of these toppings and more on Tap House Grill’s addictive burgers. Head over to our menu page to find out more about the sizzling selections at this top burger restaurant!

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